A Network of community based organisations of people who use drugs


“Empowered People Who Use Drugs leading a healthy & dignified life”


"To promote a self sustainable network owned by people who use drugs(PUD) working for reduction in stigma, harassment, and discrimination to improve the standard living of PUD."

Welcome to CoNE

Community Network for Empowerment (CoNE) is the state level network representing the community based organizations/groups of people who use drugs in Manipur and contributing to the state health response related to drug use including HIV and other blood borne viruses and also take up the issues and problems faced by people who use drugs at the state and national level.

The network is focus in bringing positive changes in the lives of people who use drugs by amplifying the voices and making effective and meaningful representation and participation as a state network in important policy and programming forums across state, national, regional and international.

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Will access to HCV treatment ever becomes a reality?

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